This is where I’ll share my social, economic, and political opinions.

I’m not an expert on any of these topics and would love to learn more about them. Reach out to me to discuss something and maybe I’ll change my mind!

Daylight Savings – Get rid of it

System of Measurement – Adopt the metric system

Drugs & Alcohol

Drinking Age – Beer and wine @16 liquor @18

Marijuana – Should be federally legal


Driving Under the Influence – Loss of license for 10 years

Drivers License Acquisition – Should be much harder to get (similar to Europe)

Driving over 70yrs old – License renewal (every 5 years) should include a driving test

Speed Limits – Raise them dramatically


Electoral College – Abolish it or find alternative (researching options)

Political Parties – Ignore them and focus on issues


Tax Calculation – Automate them

Taxes – Much higher taxes on the wealthy

Your Body, Your Choice

Abortion – Pro-Choice

Prostitution – Legalize it

Right to Try – Any individual in their sound mind should be allowed to volunteer themselves for experimental treatment

Right to Assisted Suicide – Any individual in their sound mind should be allowed to assisted suicide after a medical and psychological evaluation looking for alternatives

Immigration – Legal immigration should be necessary, but needs to be made a lot easier (funded a lot more to start)

Military Budget – Focus more on cyber

Environment – Natural resources should be primary source of energy

Gun control – Semi-automatic firearms of any type should be legal but licenses should be much harder to acquire