Starting in July 2018, Nick converted from being an intern to being a full time Cyber Cellular Research Engineer at MITRE. Nick has been tasked with a variety of projects, including some where he works in a team and some where he works alone and is completely in charge of the approach to accomplish the task. He has proven to be effective in working with commercial partners, academic leadership, and MITRE staff ranging from new employees to high-level leadership. He has represented MITRE at multiple recruiting events to attract talent and has been commended for his success. Nick has been granted multiple internal awards recognizing his contributions to groundbreaking projects, has contributed to multiple technical reports that have been widely distributed, and has been asked to peer review technical reports for other groups. One of his greatest strengths at MITRE is his ability to bring the right people together to accomplish the task at hand.

Starting in the summer of 2016, Nick started an internship at  MITRE, a federally funded research and development center. There, he has built proprietary software to verify memory sanitization of a classified system, he has assisted in development of a next generation GPS receiver’s software, he researched and tested the layer 2 security of network systems, and he investigated different aspects of mobile device security.

Starting in middle school, Nick first worked for  Pixel Forensics Incorporated, a multimedia processing company. They provide products and services to locate, analyze, and search all forms of multimedia such as video, images, and audio. There, he built proprietary software to annotate videos as well as assisted in the development of the multimedia triage applications.