Just Say Yes

The Inspiration

I’m often asked what I like to do, but I’ve never really had an answer. Instead I say that I can have a good time doing anything. I’ve already done many things in my life that initially made me uncomfortable due to their high-risk, doubting myself, or being outside of my comfort zone, but those things were some of the best I’ve ever done. At the time when I started this project, I had already backpacked across Europe, lived with and hosted a foreign exchange student, went skydiving, told someone that I could see myself with them forever, joined a fraternity, bought a Tesla, and so much more. I’m living my life by embracing one of my favorite quotes, “I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done” (Lucille Ball), and it feels great.

The Idea

I’m going to go on adventures, do activities, play games, be productive, learn new skills, and seek discomfort. Some experiences need to be scheduled, some are going to be spontaneous. Some I’ve already done, some are completely new. All are federally legal, because my long-term employment is very important.

The List of Experiences

Things are marked as done only if I’ve completed them since the start of this project (summer 2019).


The experiences that I have chosen are limited by what is realistic for me. That being said, I’m lucky to have the financial resources and opportunities to be able to do each item on this list. I’m also grateful that I have a group of friends who live in this mindset and who are willing to join me along the way.

Want to Join / Have an Idea?

If you want to join or have an idea for something else that I can do, send me a message! I’d love to have you there with me.

Experiences so Far

The grad school video is underway! Remind me to take videos if we’re doing something spectacular.